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Mitchell Young

Email: [email protected]

He is an IT Security Expert with a sound work experience spanning over 3 years in the field of network security. He has worked over 100 software projects with successful completion in the past 5 years or so. At present he is working in a multi-national IT company, as a senior Software Programmer. With his hard work and learning nature, he has reached to the post of Project manager. In past 5 years, he has learned various technologies and programming approaches including antivirus developments, proxy server programming as well as firewall development processes.

On our site, Young is the senior most author who writes about several malicious virus and other malware items affecting the Windows based PC. Over here, he looks after the content publishing regarding the virus removal from PC and suggest guidelines to the fellow authors about presenting a quality article and giving relevant information to the user regarding how to get rid of virus from the PC in an effective manner. Apart from this also have interest and play a role of active blogger and recently he is running several personal blog as well.

Ruby Collins

Ruby CollinsShe is an Project Manager was working in an IT organization in New York and in her spare time she is working on Windows Application development programs and projects. She also has worked in coding various antivirus programming algorithms and for that he was awarded twice till date. Now she is a self employed person and that running his own IT company in Alabama, California. She generally develops program codes for Windows operating system and that can be considered as the foremost advantages and merit that made her reach to top. She has an inquisitive mind that has helped her in reaching this sort of platform.

In her spare time, she likes writing articles regarding to technology related topics and it is one of her hobbies as well. Over here she organizes the material and completes her writing assignment by setting her own standards of clarity, order, style, terminology and conciseness. She also keep interest in research, content or blogs writing, conference presenter and aims to gain more information about newly developed Software or hardware.